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Coincidence or what?

April 21, 2010
Want to start using this to record our coincidences, like today when I txted you at the same time that you repled to my tweet and made the FB comment.. If I miss any please mention them as a comment. Today also my colleague, Julie, suggested that we should compare our natal star charts. She Knows nothing of our relationship other than that we chat on-line an are showing these amazing coincidences. I’ve started hunting down a decent Astrological comparison site. There are a lot of them so I’m checking for quality. Any that don’t ask for place & time of birth are not worth bothering about. Will let you know whe I find something.

Just Getting Started.

April 20, 2010
This is a special blog. I am going to record my thoughts and feelings. I tend, and always have done, to keep things to myself. Now I want to share, but only with one person. I don’t want to upset you in any way, but we have shared so much that no one else knows that I feel that to continue in that way would be wonderful. We do have fun together – it’s great. This blog is not going to be shared with anyone else, I promise.
I don’t want to start on a low note so let’s start with today. Again we’ve done the same thing, putting out tomato & strawberry plants at the same time. Great minds think alike and we think alike so often that we must have truely great minds. 😉
I’m now signing out as I have to see an agoraphobic offender. Perhaps if he stayed agoraphobic he wouldn’t offend ? hard aren’t I. (no, not like that)?