Coincidence or what?

Want to start using this to record our coincidences, like today when I txted you at the same time that you repled to my tweet and made the FB comment.. If I miss any please mention them as a comment. Today also my colleague, Julie, suggested that we should compare our natal star charts. She Knows nothing of our relationship other than that we chat on-line an are showing these amazing coincidences. I’ve started hunting down a decent Astrological comparison site. There are a lot of them so I’m checking for quality. Any that don’t ask for place & time of birth are not worth bothering about. Will let you know whe I find something.

4 Responses to “Coincidence or what?”

  1. Sue Says:

    Ok, sounds good to me. Will let you know if a coincidence happens that you haven\’t noticed. I know that Scorpio and Sagitarius get on well, so there was always going to be a good relationship between us πŸ™‚ x Saying that I don\’t actually think I have a sting in my tail as Scorpios are meant to. I don\’t tend to seek revenge, I walk away. Anyhow, must go into the garden now and bring in my washing and put the plants to bed for the night.xxxx

  2. Clive Says:

    You\’re too lovely & wonderful to have a sting in your tail. πŸ˜‰ As an archer you\’d be suprised at what I can do with my arrow. ;)) xxx

  3. Sue Says:

    You look at me through rose tinted specs Clive πŸ™‚ x I\’m sure you can do all kinds of things with your arrow xxx

  4. Clive Says:

    Don\’t think they are rose-tinted specs, Sue. I\’m a pretty good judge of people, have to be, and I truely think you are lovely & wonderful πŸ˜‰

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